Black Hills Back40 (40-MILES; 8:00 a.m. START)

Shorty (20-MILES; 8:00 A.M. START)

MINI (10-MILES;  ~8:00 A.M. START)

New for 2017!!! We are part of the Youth race series for high school, middle school and elementary school aged racers (10-miles; ~8:00 a.m. start)


...Singletrack Heaven

This year, due to logging in the area, our usual high-density singletrack course is being replaced by a 20-mile per lap course that is still heavy on great singletrack.  Though we cannot in good conscience say it is 90% singletrack, we can assure you that we scouted carefully to come up with a great course that will be lots of fun to ride.  After all, we have a reputation to maintain!  So, while this is a charity race, we are generous with the singletrack, an you should NEVER expect this to be a cakewalk!